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E-Mail for details. Ask for Info You can download the latest version now from k2sprogs.exe . (However, you must e-mail for a registration key to process more than one program at a time.)

Based on "real world" experience in major corporate COBOL systems, we have extensivly updated our suite of tools for analysis and repair of COBOL programs. Two applications are available: A COBOL Analyzer/Editor (For Analysis and repairs of programs) and a JOB's/JCL Analyzer for determing how your IBM mainframe systems are organized.

This tools suite is ideal for analyzing your IBM mainframe batch systems. If you are considering moving to a web based or client server environment, the K2S Analyzer suite can help you get a better understanding of your business rules.

New features in Release 3.06, is a facility for mapping all "CALL's, LINK's and XCTL's" in an entire library of COBOL programs. This makes the tracking of interprogram links much easier. This works both ways: you can see all programs called by a particular program (four levels deep) or see all programs that call a specific program. The new K2S JOB's Analyzer captures data about all JOB's with their executed PROC's and symbolics resolved. It has the ability to track all DSN's (dataset names) through out the system - even if they are only identified by symbolics. All occurrences of batch programs can be identified by the JOB that executes them - even if the program is only a called module.

This suite has been successfully used for large scale Y2K projects. (Almost six million lines of COBOL code at one large financial investment company). It has also been deployed in ongoing efforts to insure a "Clean Management" environment (No new Y2K problems being introduced) in continuing development and maintenance work. This tool suite has proven very effective in an audit role - validating ongoing development work.


- Fast, and accurate, scanning of entire libraries at once (Several million lines an hour)

- Identify and map all "CALL's", "LINK's" and "XCTL's" (Both calling and called by)

- User defined data name filters for accurate location of variable names (pattern matching)

- Immediate access to expanded source code from lists to verify context

- Capable of tracking variables for future maintenance

- Can produce an Online list of all occurrences of all variables from a single storage location

- Facilitates "Clean Management" where changed code can be kept.

- Greatly facilitates in depth analysis of individual programs and JCL

- Allows instant access to all data fields identified during the scan

- Can produce a navigation diagram showing how the program's logic flow

- Cross linking between source code and navigation diagram

- Editor is linked to source code list for easy, uniform corrections

- Simple "cut and paste" from other programs into the edit window



The Analyzer is used to scan and analyze an entire application or group of programs and copybooks (a project). During this process, the user can refine the filter so it will accurately identify all occurrences of data fields. Data fields that located are highlighted. The Analyzer will scan a project at between one and five million lines of code per hour depending on processor speed. The Analyzer has the capability of rescanning selected programs or rescanning the entire project to verify filter changes. It is also possible to "tag" individual programs for later identification or rescan. A new feature gives the Analyzer the ability to scan and resolve all static and dynamic calls, links and xctl's. This produces a "Calls map" to display all calls system wide.

The tool enables a programmer to easily repair individual programs identified during the scan. This simplifies the process of identifying programs that must be changed. The Analyzer is a flexible tool that not only identifies the code that must change, but also builds a navigation diagram of the program so its operation can be determined. Once the changes have been identified, an editor can be invoked from the analysis window to do the actual program changes. The editor can access alternate programs for previous fixes. It is easy to paste code from this second window to the primary edit window, enabling rapid and accurate changes.

JOB's, PROC's and Datasets can be successfully analyzed.


Available now...

This Software is also available for rent. An unlimited site license is available on a monthly basis.  

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DOWNLOAD NOW... A free evaluation version of the K2S COBOL Analyzer is available. It will perform all analysis functions... But unless registered, is limited to scanning only one program at a time. The K2S JOB's Analyzer will ONLY work if a licence key has been obtained from K2S. The key is available for short term use by return e-mail. You can download the code file from: k2sprogs.exe It is a little over two megs Zipped. A sample set of JOBS, PROCS, Programs, Copybooks and Control files is available to download from: Samples.exe



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