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Our Capabilities and Services

Our philosophy revolves around providing a flexible approach to problem solving and at K2S we offer a variety of skills and services that can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Operational Services

Your Warehouse Systems are only as good as your Operational Processes. Streamline your processes for optimal efficiency and maximum throughput before any system changes are done to save time and costs. Let K2S do the work utilizing deep dives on current-state processes to identify gaps and efficiencies for a better future state.

Technical Services

Don’t build the next unicorn with your Supply Chain Execution Systems! Trust the Technical Team at K2S to design, build and implement scalable and robust Warehouse Systems. We are seasoned in WMS, WES, WCS and Automation Solutions and are experts in the Blue Yonder Application Suite.

Robotics Integrations

Robotics and automated material handling systems are at the forefront of the supply chain future especially in a world with significant labor shortages and K2S is helping forge a path forward for our customers in these spaces. We’ll help you navigate warehouse robotics integration while improving quality, speeding delivery and reducing cost.

Automation Testing

Are you still testing your Warehouse Systems manually? Are you concerned that incremental enhancements to your systems end up breaking existing functionality? K2S is an authorized reseller and a certified implementation partner with multiple Automation Testing solutions. K2S will partner with your experts to determine the best Automation Testing Solution.

Custom Curated Workshops

At K2S we go beyond the Application Training by curating a custom-built workshop for your technical team. We understand the current skill set of your team, their goals and upcoming projects for your warehouse. We work with you on creating a fully customized agenda and partner with your team to solve problems in your environments with your data.


We Are Flexible Solutionists

Success at K2S stems from developing solutions through a flexible approach to problem solving, using limited resources and finding innovations in the process based on experience. Each of our experienced lead team members are entrepreneurial in spirit, thinking of more resourceful and efficient ways to build scalable solutions.

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We Are Customer Centric

K2S success is based on our focus on customer centricity.  We keep the voice of the customer in mind as we navigate distribution needs to maintain an omnichannel supply chain.  To optimize our operations, we have adopted a 4P process that emphasizes the importance of laying a solid foundation for your supply chain.

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We Are Experienced

Collectively our team has an average of 18 years of experience consulting on supply chain execution for multiple industries from apparel to consumer products, automotive to pharmaceuticals and retail.

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Why K2S?

At K2S, we strive to be the trusted advisor in the industry so that our clients can rely on us to deliver best long term solutions for their business. After all, with the years of experience our team has, we pride ourselves on knowing exactly how to navigate the toughest challenges for the best solutions for our clients.

We are responsible for managing an extremely complicated web of supply chain challenges and through the right customer experience, we take pride in helping to navigate and untangle that complex web.
We are entrepreneurial problem solvers by nature, leading us to find innovative ways to get things done.

At our core, we continue to be personable, humble, and flexible as we work with our clients and their needs.

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Who We Serve

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Choosing The Right WMS

Choosing the right WMS for your business is crucial for success! With numerous factors to consider, finding the right WMS for your business may prove complex. To support you in your decision making, we’ve created an overview of the WMS landscape using Gartner’s most recent Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems report.

7 Steps To WMS Success

Often WMS implementation projects go awry due to common missteps and pitfalls that could have easily been avoided using our methodology. Discover our 7 Steps to WMS Success and learn more about how we help our clients succeed.

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