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The K2S consultant leadership has an average of 18 years experience in WMS implementations, Warehouse Operations, System Integrations, and Technical Architecture. Our experienced supply chain advisors are ready to navigate your supply chain execution and help your company turn efficiency into performance and concepts into solutions.

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Our qualified team is composed of industry experts who understand the inner workings of warehouse management systems and are dedicated to helping our clients navigate the complicated Supply Chain Execution process.

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At K2S we strive to be your trusted partner in the end-to-end supply chain journey. From operational assessment and analysis to implementation and integration of software and automation, we are here to help you navigate and succeed, every step of the way.

Operational Services
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Your systems and processes are only as good as your people. Operational Experts at K2S will create custom job aids, certification plans and help train your staff to ensure they remain on the success path. During training and on the floor support, we will help reinforce processes and exception handling at all times.

Our Warehouse Operations team will work side by side with your process experts to learn what works well and understand existing pain points. Working alongside your team, K2S will discuss gaps and suggest best practices. We will then leverage this understanding to ensure the systems are configured to maximize quality and maximize your labor dollars. The K2S team will work with your teams to prepare go live readiness documents, assist with go live and post go live activities.

We will work with your leadership teams to establish Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), dashboards and reports. To assist management in measuring productivity and stay on track, we will arm them with daily/weekly/monthly checklists for each department and job function.

Technical Services

We are experts in the Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software and RedPrairie) Application Suite, having worked with multiple WMS versions and ancillary products alike. Having worked on some of the most complex systems/implementations, we strive for a WMS-Agnostic vision, where we believe our skillset is generic enough to be able to quickly learn the ropes of a new Warehouse Application Suite.

Project Types
  1. Greenfield WMS Implementation
  2. WMS Upgrades
  3. Moving from On-Prem solution to a SaaS (cloud hosted) solutions
  4. Enhancements to your existing Solution Suite
  5. Integrations to Host Systems, WES or Warehouse Conveyor Systems
  6. Automation and Robotics Integration
  7. Label and Reports design and implementation

How We Achieve Objectives
  • Leading and executing Proof of Concepts (POC)
  • Owning System Setup and Configurations for a robust solution, independent of code
  • Building Data Mapping documents for integration with ERP and host Systems
  • Developing Custom Code when absolutely necessary

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Robotics Integration
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Robotics and automated material handling are at the forefront of the supply chain execution future especially in a world with significant labor shortages. K2S can help improve your resource utilization while leveraging cutting edge technology so that you have end to end visibility into the supply chain, ability to reduce  your carbon footprint, and can avoid supply chain disruptions.

Our team is experienced in Robotics and automated material handling integrating to multiple systems via both standard APIs and custom methods. Let us help your team map your robotics journey, be it with one of our technology partners or a solution you have already selected. Our experts will help identify the integration touch points, create detailed integration documentation and implement all necessary touchpoints for your warehouses to be robotics ready.

We Help Streamline Your Robotic Solutions
  • Identifying which picks are best to be performed by robots versus humans for optimum performance
  • Integrate WMS for a seamless release of picks/orders for robots
  • Setup configuration and processes within the WMS or WES to offer visibility into the Robot Work
  • Build Custom Screens within WMS or WES to manage and Exception Handling of Robotic Work

Automation Testing

Let the K2S team reduce your business risk and expedite your go-live timelines by automating your regression and performance tests so you can focus on your core business.

Partner Solutions

Take advantage of a huge pre-existing library of Blue Yonder WMS processes and functions and give your Automation Testing a head-start. K2S is an implementation partner and fully certified in the application so we can provide customized frameworks to align with your business needs. K2S is also an authorized reseller of the Cycle Labs solutions and can help all through the process from Demo to Implementation.

Tricentis Tosca optimizes and accelerates end-to-end testing of your entire digital landscape. It’s truly the no-code way to build automation testing scripts. Coupled with Tricentis NeoLoad, to ensure your applications are ready to perform at optimum levels when your supply chain is full-throttle. Let K2S engage your QA Teams to build out automation test scripts within the application.

Custom Curated Workshops
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Go Beyond Training and Certifications! Do you find yourself having completed certifications and training courses by Application Experts, but not sure where to begin when it comes time to implement the learnings into a real life project?

You’re not alone! At K2S we go beyond the Application Training by curating a custom built workshop for your technical team. We don’t run through slides or content. We understand the current skill set of your tech team, their goals and the upcoming projects for your warehouse. We work with you on creating a fully custom agenda and partner with your tech team to solve problems in your environments with your data.

This will truly get your tech and support teams up and running and make them self sufficient to manage certain projects and enhancements by themselves. Not only does it grow your team’s skill set, it boosts their morale and you end up saving expensive contractor fees for various projects.

Leverage our 4P Model for
Supply Chain and Warehouse Success

Our experts understand the importance of laying a solid foundation for your supply chain. We lead detailed design sessions to help you develop a business solution summary. To optimize your operations, we create project charters for various planning phases, perform accurate gap analyses, and present an effective proof of concept.

We prepare your warehouse operations to keep them running at top form across all scenarios. Our methods offer a robust solution independent of code, enabling seamless integrations with ERPs, WCS, robotics, and other host systems. We execute multi-phase testing plans for refined performance and provide detailed reporting and documentation for the smoothest data migrations and project rollouts.

Our specialists refer to a comprehensive checklist for ensuring your system’s readiness and fine-tuning it before taking the project live. You can expect the highest standards during day-in-the-life tests and ongoing floor support during an extended care period.

We believe in keeping your supply chains running full force beyond project go-lives. Our experienced team optimizes your systems by measuring KPIs for specific operational areas, monitoring routine checklists, and maintaining system data to keep operations running according to planned goals and timelines.

Speak with one of our industry experts in the supply chain execution space.

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