Educational Services

Earn your certifications with detailed virtual educational sessions, or request a personalized training workshop for your entire team! Whether you need a structured training program that you can go through at your own pace, or want a custom curated workshop to target specific knowledge gaps on your team, K2S has a solution that enhances your knowledgebase and makes you self-sufficient to implement and own your warehouse solutions.

Tailored to your needs.

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Earn your Certification

Take your intermediary skills to the Expert level by earning an industry-recognized certification!

Educational programs at K2S get you the official certification that you can earn at your own pace in a virtual learning environment. Most certifications take several hours to a few days to ensure you master the concepts and are able to apply them successfully for your project and implementations. An instructor will also be available during your coursework to answer any questions you may have that aren’t already covered in the online course.

Upon successfully completing the coursework, you’ll be awarded an industry-recognized certificate, the credentials of which would be valid and can be shared across your networks and on your profiles. 

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Beyond Training and Certifications

Do you find yourself having completed certifications and training courses by Application Experts, but not sure where to begin when it comes time to implement the learnings into a real life project?  

You’re not alone!  At K2S we go beyond the Application Training by curating a custom built workshop for your technical team.  We don’t run through slides or content.  We understand the current skill set of your tech team, their goals and the upcoming projects for your warehouse.  We work with you on creating a fully custom agenda and partner with your tech team to solve problems in your environments with your data.  

This will truly get your tech and support teams up and running and make them self sufficient to manage certain projects and enhancements by themselves.  Not only does it grow your team’s skill set, it boosts their morale and you end up saving expensive contractor fees for various projects.

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Education isn't a choice, it's a Strategic Imperative

Discover personalized, transformative training and certification programs designed to enrich your team's capabilities, optimize your workflows, and elevate overall performance throughout your organization.

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