Robotics Integration

Robotics and automated material handling are at the forefront of the supply chain execution future especially in a world with significant labor shortages. K2S can help improve your resource utilization while leveraging cutting-edge technology so that you have end-to-end visibility into the supply chain, ability to reduce your carbon footprint, and can avoid supply chain disruptions.

Tailored to your needs.

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Our team is experienced in Robotics and automated material handling, integrating to multiple systems via both standard APIs and custom methods. Let us help your team map your robotics journey, be it with one of our technology partners or a solution you have already selected.  Our experts will help identify the integration touch points, create detailed integration documentation and implement all necessary touchpoints for your warehouses to be robotics ready.

In addition to using the standard Communication Methods/Tools available in the WMS/WES application, K2S can Integrate Robotics via the following Communication Methods:

  • Web Services - REST / SOAP
  • Sockets
  • SFTP / FTP
  • File Transport (Local Shared Server)

Warehouse Automation

We have warehouse automation offerings that provide functionality to accelerate timelines and improve efficiency while reducing risk.

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