Technical Services for Warehouse Solutions

Don’t build the next unicorn with your Supply Chain Execution Systems! Trust the Technical Team at K2S to design, build and implement scalable and robust Warehouse Systems. We are seasoned in WMS, WES, WCS and Automation Solutions and are experts in the Blue Yonder Application Suite.

Tailored to your needs.

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We are experts in the Blue Yonder (formerly JDA Software and RedPrairie) Application Suite, having worked with multiple WMS versions and ancillary products alike.  Having worked on some of the most complex systems/implementations, we strive for a WMS-Agnostic vision, where we believe our skillset is generic enough to be able to quickly learn the ropes of a new Warehouse Application Suite.

K2S can also streamline your IT operations:

  • Defining code and configuration standards
  • Preparing a detailed configuration guide to serve as a system of record of configuration approaches and the reasons behind them
  • Building and managing source code repositories to ensure a single source of truth and codebase
  • Implementing code branching techniques to be able to efficiently execute multiple work streams at the same time
  • Database Performance Tuning

Speak to our trusted advisors about any of our services.