Blue Yonder ICON 2023 Takeaways

May 10, 2023
The K2S Team

Las Vegas - “City of lights, smiles, and memories.” Going to Las Vegas and being part of Blue Yonder ICON 2023 definitely left us feeling energized and inspired.

In Tom Lukasiewicz' words: “ICON 2023 was a smashing success. I loved connecting with new people. I’m so excited about these new opportunities. It paved new ground for K2S!”There was so much to do, learn and experience but, like Tom said, our top highlight was the opportunity to meet amazing people and reconnect with colleagues we haven’t seen in years. Everyone was there. Even many of our clients and partners. It was great to catch up, exchange ideas and uncover new opportunities.

We even started solutioning on the spot with our Operations Service Lead Jim Haider making a notable impact. With his exacting questions, he brought to light practical considerations not thought of before and companies could witness firsthand the value we can bring by combining both our technical and operational services.

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