Case Study: Helping a Packaging Facility for a Leading Wholesaler

November 10, 2023

The holidays just wouldn’t be the same without treats. That’s why it was so important to our customer to resolve inefficiencies and ramp up production in time to meet peak season demand.

Despite available stock, labor and production line capacity, operational inefficiencies were preventing the facility from meeting its production targets.

We delivered a 3-prong solution to resolve the issues:

  • We added new temporary pallet locations closer to the production line to optimize proximity.
  • We implemented automated replenishments to maintain these locations with the oldest unexpired high-velocity sweets.
  • We temporarily reconfigured the directed work queue during the peak season, granting top priority to items en route to the production line.

The result? We were able to help the customer achieve uninterrupted production with no delays, ensuring all production targets were met; and everyone got to enjoy the holiday treats they craved!

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