Case Study: Transforming the 'Count Near Zero' function

September 21, 2023

Recently one of our customers came to us with a location counting issue, which was slowing down pickers and creating unnecessary full cycle counts. As is common in many warehouses, they were not making use of the 'Count Near Zero’ WMS functionality, as it did not support the roles and responsibilities of different departments.

To improve efficiency, we turned the ‘Count Near Zero’ functionality into a ‘Count At Zero’ function. Thereby, the picker simply confirms whether or not the location is physically empty and an audit is only triggered for an IC Specialist, if the expected and actual quantities don't match up.

After this solution was implemented, the pickers didn’t have to slow down to count any inventory and the Inventory Control team completely eliminated empty location counts from their tasks!

We love solving warehouse challenges like this for our customers. If you’re looking to take your warehouse operations to the next level, get in touch to explore how we can help you.

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