CSCMP Edge 2023 Takeaways

October 13, 2023

Conferences such as EDGE bring together the greatest minds in our industry. This is one of the top events we look forward to every year, and this year we joined as a corporate sponsor. There’s so much knowledge gained and we get to see the latest technologies and innovations in action. Over and above, it was a brilliant way to reconnect with old industry colleagues, make new connections and do some team building.

This year’s CSCMP’s 2023 Edge Conference was another highlight for our team! With over 2,700 attendees, we had the amazing opportunity to meet up with old industry friends and make lots of new connections. Also, with Mary Ann, Tom and Ankit on the ground, we had the chance to connect as a team, exchange ideas and explore everything the conference had to offer.

Looking at trends that will shape the future of supply chain management, one thing that stood out for us was how AI has become more than a buzzword in the industry. Numerous vendors presented their solutions and had booths for attendees to learn more about how the technology can help to transform their operations.

AI is particularly showing potential in terms of monitoring tasks and workflows of humans and robots, as well as the status of locations, being able to identify anomalies quickly. For example, one vendor demonstrated software that enables drones to monitor and compare the physical status of warehouse locations with data shown in the WMS. In applications such as these, AI works in tandem with humans to improve accuracy and efficiency. Imagine the impact on a warehouse with hundreds or thousands of locations!

Clearly AI is here to stay, and it will become an integral part of supply chain operations and management. We’re excited to continue to explore this domain with our clients.

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