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Is your team equipped with the right skills and knowledge to achieve your WMS goals?

Cookie-cutter trainings and courses are useful but they will only take you so far. That’s why we offer custom-curated workshops to empower your technical team with new knowledge by working through real-life exercises and scenarios in your environments using your data.

Being completely customized, the contents of these workshops entirely depend on your setup, tools and requirements. For example during a recent custom workshop, we spent 5 days working through:

  • REST Configurable Web Services
  • Postman API Testing
  • Java MOCA Commands
  • MTF Java Code
  • Custom Java Tasks
  • Groovy Scripting

When designing the agenda and content for your workshop, we’ll look at your existing systems, your high level goals and any new technologies, features of functionalities you want to implement. The result is a highly collaborative, hands-on experience tailored to meet your KPIs.

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