Is your WMS delivering the impact you expected for your team?

May 26, 2023
The K2S Team

In a warehouse, every detail matters and a great user experience can make all the difference to deliver an excellent service to your customers. Ensuring every order ships out accurately is essential to delivering this experience.

When a large cosmetics retailer wanted to improve their carton auditing operations, we examined the intricate details of their picking and packing processes to identify opportunities for optimization - both in terms of usability and efficiency.

Based on our detailed assessment, we developed a complete custom screen within the Blue Yonder framework, specifically designed for high-speed scanning. Thanks to this new feature, large volumes could be audited quickly, improving shipment accuracy and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Many years later, this custom-built feature is still in use and we continuously work with the client team to further enhance performance. Building a custom solution is not always the right answer, but in this case, the efficiencies and accuracies gained justified the investment.

Is your warehouse management system delivering the impact you expected for your team? Contact us for a no obligation warehouse audit!

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