Optimizing WMS Functionalities

June 12, 2023
The K2S Team

Is customization always the answer? Not necessarily (for example, we believe in creative configurations to get even more out of your WMS), but if it results in thousands of hours being saved in manpower, it’s certainly worth it!

As part of their Blue Yonder configuration, our client had regular SKU counts scheduled to meet annual counting requirements. However, this was resulting in redundancies and lost hours because some SKUs are stored in multiple locations together with other products. This led to unnecessary recounts of the same locations to fulfil quotas.

To help our client reduce the burden of redundant cycle counts, we looked at the day-to-day operations of their warehouse and enhanced their WMS to optimize processes. This resulted in significant time savings for the team.

Cases like these demonstrate the importance of really understanding the practical realities of a warehouse. With a few small but critical changes, the client was able to dramatically improve the efficiency of their entire operation, and complete their scheduled quota of counts 45 days before year end!

If you’re looking to improve your warehouse operations, contact us to schedule a no obligation warehouse audit!

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